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FSP Clinical Recruitment FAQs


  • What kind of opportunities does Parexel FSP hire for, and how do I find them?
    Our roles span clinical and biometrics functions and are driven by the requirements of the large pharmaceutical clients with whom we work. As such, while we do occasionally hire for junior roles such as Clinical Trial Assistant, we are generally recruiting for positions that reflect 5-6 years' industry experience such as a CRA, or above, right up to the most senior leadership levels. We advertise all our roles on our website, all the major industry job boards, and social media platforms such as LinkedIn. If you speak to one of our recruitment team, they may also forward you information about specific roles.

  • What working models do you offer?
    We have a range of working models available depending on the particular role and client we support. Over recent years, it’s clear that employees and business leaders alike have become even more aware of the importance of flexibility and work-life balance. As we hire for specific clients, our clients are also very mindful of the importance of flexibility. Depending on the particular job, we can discuss flexible and home-based working options with you as part of the recruitment process.

  • How do I apply for roles with Parexel FSP?
    An initial application can be made through a referral, LinkedIn, or directly to the website. Sometimes candidates choose to get the ball rolling by picking up the phone to one of our recruitment team. Our website streamlines the process by allowing you to populate fields using your submitted CV- saving time. Once you've done this, you can expect an automatic acknowledgement of your application. Following a recruiter review, the application will proceed from there, depending on the roles available and your skill sets.

  • Do you hire through recruitment agencies?
    We occasionally do, but our Parexel FSP recruitment team personally handles most of our roles. As a people-focused business, we work hard to develop relationships with candidates over time. Even if there isn't a specific role that suits you at a particular time, we are always keen to keep in touch for a time in the future. We'd always recommend candidates get in touch with one of our recruiters directly, even if just to have a quick catch up, find out more about a role, or get more general advice.
  • What qualities are you looking for in a candidate?
    Beyond the technical skills required for a specific role, we are looking for candidates who share our passion for doing an exceptional job for clients, and in turn, serving patients. Commitment and dedication are paramount, as well as proactivity and teamwork. These attributes go a long way with Parexel FSP and our clients alike. In return, we offer meaningful work, clear career pathways, and a positive employee experience. Our clients are leaders in their fields, and there are ample opportunities to learn and grow.

Interview stage

  • What’s the next step after I submit an application?
    As mentioned previously, you'll receive an acknowledgement that the system has accepted your application. If, after reviewing your CV, one of our recruiters identifies you as suitable for a particular role, we will get in touch with you for an initial screening interview. From here, you will be informed every step of the way by your recruiter about the application process. Our recruitment team is very approachable, and we are always happy to have a conversation on the phone with candidates throughout the application and hiring journey. Unfortunately, due to the volume of enquiries we receive we can’t routinely always follow up personally on each application.

  • Are interviews face-to-face or virtual?
    We use both face-to-face and virtual formats. While face-to-face interviews have been rare during the COVID-19 pandemic, we expect to resume this interview type over the coming year though we will undoubtedly retain virtual methods too.

  • What do I need to do to prepare for my interview?
    Take the time to research both Parexel FSP, and the client that the role is with. For example, learn more about any new products the client company has launched, whether they have featured in any recent news, and their development focus. This background understanding will help showcase your interest and get the interview off on the right footing. Our recruitment team will also work with you on preparation before your technical interviews; to help familiarise you with the background, and ensure you feel confident.

  • Typically, how many interviews should I expect?
    We'll start with an initial recruiter discussion covering essential information like salary expectations, notice periods, and current role. Then, we will arrange a technical interview with one of the operational team members at Parexel FSP. At this point, depending on the position, the interview process may either involve further technical interviews with the client team themselves, or on occasions, the client will move forward based on our recommendations. It depends very much on the individual project.

  • If I’m successful, what is your offer and contracting process?
    First of all, the recruitment team will discuss a verbal offer with you and handle any questions. Then, upon acceptance, the onboarding team will liaise with you to generate contracts with questions at this point handled by either the recruitment or HR team. Once contracts are signed, we will get the ball rolling with our referencing process.

  • If I’m unsuccessful, what feedback will I receive?
    The recruiter will give you a call to explain why you may not have been successful on this occasion. We will typically obtain feedback from the client directly and share this with you. Even if you have been unsuccessful for one specific role or client, other opportunities will typically arise for strong candidates. We aim to keep in touch and keep potential candidates in mind for different positions and clients as they come up.
  • How do you usually welcome new employees to the company?
    Naturally, the recruitment team will welcome you into the company, and relevant members of the Parexel FSP operational team will also get in touch to introduce themselves. You will be introduced to your Parexel FSP line manager, who will mentor and support you in your role and throughout your career journey. At the same time, you will be integrated into the client's team, and work closely with your counterparts at the client organisation.

  • How long is the induction process?
    Our induction process involves 2-3 days of completing paperwork, organising IT systems, and getting up to speed with essential SOPs. Then, your line manager will help you transition to your new role working with one of Parexel FSP's leading pharmaceutical clients!

Last updated: November 2022

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It has been brought to our attention that there has been fraudulent activity by scammers attempting to represent themselves as Parexel employees or recruiters. These individuals are attempting to reach potential job seekers through online chat interviews and sending false offer letters, representing Parexel without our consent. If you’re concerned that you’ve been contacted by an unauthorized Parexel recruiter or employee, please notify You may also report suspicious fraudulent activity to your local law enforcement agency or the FBI. Thank you.

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