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Meet Natasha (Tash) Hope: Parexel Alumni

"We were always learning new ways to help customers with their clinical research..."

Tash shares her experience while working at Parexel and what she is currently doing today.

    • What were your roles while you were at Parexel?
      I joined Parexel as part of its first acquisition (Consulting Statisticians, Inc.) in 1988. Joining CSI straight out of school, I started as a biostatistician, quickly moving into project management and then becoming their first pharmaceutical “sales rep,” working with some of our early customers (and introducing folks to the idea that they could contract out their data management and stats). Being Parexel’s first acquisition was definitely a learning experience and fostered bonds that have lasted to this day. Over the years I moved between sales management, account management and operational management, enjoying each role as we were “figuring out an industry.”
    • What did you like most about working with Parexel?
      When Parexel acquired CSI, it was a perfect fit. At that time Parexel offered monitoring, medical and regulatory support while CSI provided data management and statistical support. Together with about 50 employees, we started experiencing significant growth. Every day was different. We were always learning new ways to help customers with their clinical research, and it was exciting to work with pharma to collect their data, analyze it, watch over the safety of the patients and support their reporting to the FDA.
    • Can you share one of your most memorable moments or an accomplishment you're most proud of?
      By far the most memorable time was in the early to mid-nineties when HIV/AIDS was at the forefront of public health. People were dying at an extremely high rate and it seemed that nothing could stop the downward spiral upon contracting the disease.

      We managed the first compassionate use trial testing for patients with HIV/AIDS to try to slow the progression of the disease. We had a huge team of folks in a call center accepting requests from doctors and patients. This was the first time anything of this magnitude or scope had been undertaken, so we were literally “building the airplane as we flew.”

      We then secured a contract for a consortium of 11 companies with HIV/AIDS treatments to come together to mix the first “cocktails” to attack the disease. It’s unbelievable to be reminded how far we have come, yet still be able to look forward to the promise of discovering new groundbreaking treatments for incurable diseases.
    • What are you doing today?
      Today, I am part of an organization that provides consulting solutions to the life sciences industry. The industry has changed dramatically with the emergence of thousands of biotech companies introducing innovative technologies and medicines to treat patients with almost every form of disease and illness. 

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