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Meet Terri Mayne: Associate Director of Client Services

"Parexel has a culture that enables you to the best you can be, no matter what your background."

    Terri Mayne, Associate Director of Client Services with Parexel International, offers her perspective on her tenure with Parexel, insight into her experience as a woman in technology, career advice, and more. Vicky Murira from Parexel’s Talent Acquisition team spoke with Terri at her office in Nottingham in November 2019.

    • Vicky: Terri, let’s begin with some background about your career and how you came to Parexel

    Terri: Glad to! My first job in the field was an entry-level position processing clinical trial orders at Thermo Fisher. That was my first exposure to our industry and our world. I had decided university was not for me, and I didn’t have a background in science and technology. But I quite liked it and later pursued an opportunity as a Clinical Supplies Packaging Project Co-ordinator at ThermoFisher. I continued in Project Management and became a Team Leader in Client Services Packaging and Distribution.

    In 2013, I joined ClinIntel, a startup company, as an Interactive Response Technology (IRT) Project Manager. Parexel then acquired ClinIntel in 2014. The folks at Parexel wanted to know how to use the ClinIntel software and integrate it into the business. I was able to bring process improvement skills and train the team on the software, which was quite nice and established me as a senior-level Project Manager. I really enjoy coaching and mentoring team members, and my manager gave me those opportunities.

    Then about two years ago, I realized that my next level would be the Associate Director role, and I felt the need to be office-based – which required moving from my home in Sussex to Nottingham. Parexel supported me through that relocation, not only with the costs involved but even with the social side so I didn’t feel as though I was turning up in a city I didn’t know.

    • Vicky: What do you think sets Parexel apart from your previous employers?

    Terri: Flexibility is probably the key – a culture that enables you to the best you can be, no matter what your background. It’s matching up your personal abilities and aims with the company’s direction to succeed together. That’s the great thing about Parexel. You are constantly encouraged. If you have an interest and there’s a business need, we will try to link the two together. Being in this structure allows me to demonstrate to my employees that they’re valued and give them what they need and want from their careers.

    • Vicky: If you were to coach someone just out of university, or going through a mid-career change, what skills do you think are important at Parexel?

    Terri: Critical thinking is key – the ability to be creative and proactive in solving problems. Another essential attribute is what we call professional empathy or putting yourself in the place of others. Communication skills are at the top of the list; that’s particularly true for project management. But you may have a different skillset. For example, you might have an eye for detail that can apply to testing and validation.

    • Vicky: What is the representation of management-level women at Parexel? Are you in the company of peers?

    Terri: Yes, there is an equal balance of men and women at my level of management, and our diversity and inclusion committee is committed to creating opportunities for everyone.

    On that note, let me add that inclusion at Parexel extends to people with non-traditional backgrounds, physical challenges, and so on. That is important to me, because I am autistic – which is in fact a positive because I can apply unique skills I’ve learned from overcoming my own challenges as an autistic individual, to my job. For example, anyone can get stuck, or struggle with starting and completing a task. I have had to learn how to overcome this from an early age, and how those skills can help me support others when working through an impasse.

    • Vicky: You mentioned that Parexel is supportive of the social aspect of your life, outside of work. Can you elaborate on that?

    Terri: Yes – for instance, I recently participated in a boxing match to raise money for a charity called Against Breast Cancer. My colleagues, my peers, my team members, Senior Directors – they all came to support me on a Saturday night!

    • Vicky: Thank you for your time, Terri!

    Whether our employees are voicing new ideas, collaborating with industry-leading clients on a global stage, or bringing life-saving advances to market smarter and faster than ever thought possible, the end result is the same: a career unlike any other. Parexel strives to embolden and empower its employees to constantly ask what they will do next – and to make significant contributions at every step.

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