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Meet Celine Tizon: Director, Integrated Solutions Strategy.

"To work in Clinical Research, I believe it is important to have a deep understanding of the processes but also to not lose sight of the overall picture and of the ultimate goal that is bringing new treatment opportunities to patients."

Meet Celine Tizon and learn about her Parexel journey and why she works With Heart™ every day. Celine joined Parexel in September 2011 as a CRA in the UK and her career and role at Parexel have evolved through the years. Until recently, she was a Senior Project Leader and in October she moved to the position of Director, Integrated Solutions Strategy (ISS). Originally from France but currently based in Los Angeles, California, Celine shared some insights into her current role, what motivates her, how it felt to win this award, and more.

First of all, we would like to congratulate Celine for receiving a Silver Award in The PharmaTimes Clinical Researcher of the Year (Americas) Project Manager competition! Now in its 11th year, this rigorous, real-world competition challenges, recognizes and rewards the exceptional talent of clinical researchers across the Americas. Celine Tizon was one of only four finalists selected in the Project Manager category for 2021 in the Americas region. 

  • So Celine, what motivates you to work With Heart™ every day?

    Across the different positions I had, I’ve enjoyed working on studies that could make a difference for patients and specifically, working with biotech companies on novel therapeutic agents in Phase I/II. Our work can be challenging and even stressful at times, so it’s important to remember that our efforts might ultimately lead to bringing new therapeutics and opportunities to patients.

  • Can you let me know what key skills you need when working in Clinical Research?

    To work in Clinical Research I believe it is important to have a deep understanding of the processes but also to not lose sight of the overall picture and of the ultimate goal that is bringing new treatment opportunities to patients. Clear, open communication and caring skills are key for working together with the sites, the internal and external teams in the same direction.

  • What is your favorite thing/moment in your career so far?

    It’s the continuous great support I’ve received from my line management over the years. Starting when I was a CRA in the UK moving to the U.S. in project leadership positions and now to where I am today in the ISS group.

  • Describe your role at Parexel. What are your main responsibilities?

    In Project Leadership, my main responsibilities were to work closely with the sponsor, third-party vendors and internal teams to ensure the delivery of the studies within agreed timelines and scope. My area of expertise was Early Phase oncology studies sponsored by Biotech companies.

  • What was involved in the competition and how did it feel to win?

    It was a three-step process beginning in June extending to Sept. 30:
    a. Step 1 — Pass a Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training test.
    b. Step 2 — Write an essay about a case study scenario.
    c. Step 3 (the finals) — Deliver a 20-minute presentation in front of a panel of judges on a subject communicated during the finals. Obviously to not knowing the subject in advance was quite challenging but they left us one hour to prepare our presentation and the PharmaTimes team was very supportive.

    The overall process was very enjoyable and a totally new experience for me. I certainly recommend my colleagues give it a try. It was an honor to win and a very nice way of concluding my Project Leadership years at Parexel!

  • It’s been a very challenging year/18 months for many and difficult for working professionals to balance their personal and professional lives. How do you maintain balance?

    I was on maternity leave when COVID-19 hit. I went back to work in August 2020 and that was when I realized how much had changed. Even though I work from home, I’m pretty good at maintaining my work hours separate from the rest of my day. I personally prefer to start early in the mornings to have more personal and family time later in the day.

  • What are your interests outside of work?

    I enjoy spending time with my little one, my husband, and my friends here in California. I love traveling (when possible) and I’m learning Spanish when I have some free time.


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