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Life and Culture at Parexel

At Parexel, we define ourselves by the difference we make and by the compassion we share while making it. We advance science by remembering our humanity, and our belief in one another allows us to accomplish great things ourselves.

At Parexel, whatever we’re doing, we do it With Heart™.

Parexel's Core Values

  • Patients First

    Each of us contributes to developing a therapy that ultimately will benefit a patient. We take our work personally, we do it with empathy, and we're committed to making a difference.

  • Quality

    From the smallest detail to the largest, we take quality seriously. We focus on the details while never losing sight of the big picture to drive the best possible outcome.

  • Respect

    In our quest for innovation, we recognize and uphold the importance of all people, from our employees to our clients and the patients we all serve.

  • Empowerment and accountability

    We follow our hearts, we do the right thing, and we have the courage to own the outcome.

What Makes Parexel's Work Culture Unique

We are results-driven and caring individuals who want to make a meaningful difference in the world. It's a place where an inclusive global community helps you be your best, transforming any career into a life-changing achievement.

Joy, a female Taiwanese and Senior Director, Statistical Programming at Parexel, she is kneeling behind her child having her arms around her, they are outside on rocks in front of water, she is smiling at the camera, and the child is making a joyful face.


Senior Director, Statistical Programming

“’We care’ for me means to always remind yourself that behind all the data are real people. The programming job can be challenging, but once this connection is made it is motivational to do your best to deliver. The outcome could improve a person’s health!”

Emmanuel, a male black American and Senior Clinical Research Associate at Parexel, sitting at a desk while visiting a site, documents and a computer in front of him, he is wearing a mask, and is looking at the camera.


Senior Clinical Research Associate

“Knowing the important part patients play in clinical research, it is incumbent on us to ensure that their safety and well-being are maintained throughout the study participation - by thoroughly, quickly, and reliably working With Heart™.”

Ben, a male white British and Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant at Parexel, with his two children, one is hanging onto his one shoulder, the other is looking over his other shoulder, in the background are festive lights, they all look at the camera.


Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant

“I am always supported by my managers and peers to be myself, I have shared stories of my hobbies, and through lockdown had the support needed as a single gay parent. This was key in making sure my children had what they needed, and I had the flexibility to manage my work.”

Flexibility, Recognition and Support

Healthy employees – be it physical, mental, financial or social health – are best able to contribute to achieving the company goals. Therefore, we provide a portfolio of benefits to address their unique needs throughout the various stages of life and careers, regardless of geographic location.

Benefits Spotlight

Flexible Work Arrangement

You can choose the right work arrangement for you, your role, and your location — in-office, home-based or a mix! 50% of our workforce is fully or 28 % partially remote.

Recognition Program

Our employees receive and give recognition all year round — colleague-to-colleague, as a manager, for service anniversaries and life events.

Employee Assistant Program

Experienced global vendors offer confidential licensed counseling and coaching as well as on-demand resources and other support.

Itzel, a female Mexican and Senior Clinical Data Analyst, standing next to her two dogs, holding them while they are on the back of her bike, she is wearing a pink bike helmet and smiles into the camera.


Senior Clinical Data Analyst

“I appreciate my remote role because I can take care of my physical and mental health and have time to stay close to my family, dogs, and the chance to resolve personal issues. Even though I’m working from home, my team and Line Manager is always there when needed.”

Judson, a male white American and Global Category Sourcing Manager, standing behind his desk chair he received from Parexel, smiling and holding a thumb up, in the background is a white board with the words "Thanks FWA!!" (Flexible Work Arrangement)


Global Category Sourcing Manager

“When the Flexible Work Arrangement was released, I decided to work remotely and now no longer deal with a 3+ hour daily commute to and from our Newton campus. I am more productive at work and get to spend more time with my family – it’s a win-win!”

Liliana, a female Mexican and Senior Clinical Research Associate at Parexel


Senior Clinical Research Associate

“I love Parexel’s Recognition Program, "Bravo!” This program enables employees to acknowledge colleagues around the world for their contributions and for living out the company values. Every time I receive a "Bravo!", it feels like a virtual hug.”

Getting the Most out of Learning at Parexel

Investing in your professional and personal development is an investment in Parexel, and we want to help you realize your full potential and career. Ensuring we have a fully trained and capable workforce is a key part of delivering quality work and patient safety.

Career and Development Spotlight

Navigating your career

We empower you by offering virtual career and development programs to build meaningful experiences at key milestones.

Women in Leadership

This one-year leadership program is designed to accelerate the development of women leaders in support of equity.

Managing With Heart™

Managing With Heart™ provides Parexel managers with the chance to develop skills to drive our We Care Strategy.

Nayoung, a female South-Korean and Vice President, Enterprise Account Leader at Parexel, she is standing in front of a canyon, arms spread, smiling at the camera.


Vice President, Enterprise Account Leader

“The most impressive message from my Women in Leadership program was BE BOLD & GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. I got to know that all those successful women also hesitated to take risks just like me. Now I am accepting my authenticity and getting bolder, which helps me feel more energetic and alive.”

Daniel, a male Argentinian and Associate Project Director at Parexel, smiling at the camera, wearing a shirt and jacket.


Project Specialist to Associate Project Director

“Parexel offers clear career paths with the required growth and learning opportunities to succeed. At the same time, it’s exciting to help bring new therapies to patients. The combination of these two aspects makes Parexel MY place to work.”

BabyRani, a female Indian and Senior Principal Statistical Programmer at Parexel, she is looking at the camera with a smile on her lips, she is wearing a sari.


Senior Principal Statistical Programmer

“Our Management supports continuing education, and on-the-job learning whilst rewarding hard work, as well as supporting a positive work-life balance.”

We Care in Action ‒ Our Corporate Responsibility

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) approach is focused on four key areas:


We fight for good health, well-being and health equity. Our patient-first focus ensures therapies are effective across all populations.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Our three-pillar strategy focuses on patients, our people and our suppliers. Colleagues, managers and leadership partner to create a culture of respect, inclusion and “We Care” for all.

Environmental sustainability

Preserving our planet for future generations is an important part of the Parexel culture. We have a robust set of goals aimed at reducing our impact on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.


We conduct our business with quality and integrity, with every colleague empowered and accountable for applying our Code of Conduct to our work.

Xoli, a female black British and Head of Clinical Trial Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Parexel, she is speaking into a microphone, she is wearing a dark blazer over a white shirt.


Head of Clinical Trial Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

“When we think about inclusive clinical trials here at Parexel, we think about including the "whole" patient. We're looking at race and ethnicity, disability status, gender, sex, age, comorbidity, and socioeconomic status. To do this well we have to stay open about trying and learning new things and therefore we are upskilling our teams at all levels.”

Jeff, a white American and Senior Director, Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, looking at the camera with a smile, wearing a shirt and jacket.


Senior Director, Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

“Parexel takes creating an inclusive workplace with the utmost importance. We see this in things like Parexel Pride, where we work to better support the needs of not only employees but LGBTQ+ patients and clients as well. This helps us to ensure that all are valued, respected and supported, regardless of difference.”

Sanjay, a male Indian and Executive Vice President, Safety & Logistics and Country Head of Parexel India, it's a classic headshot in front of a grey background, he is wearing glasses, a shirt, and a beige jacket.


Executive Vice President, Safety & Logistics and Country Head of India

“In India, where medical access to smaller and/or more remote cities and villages is a challenge, the Parexel-sponsored COVID-19 vaccine vans made it possible to provide access and get life-saving vaccines out at a grassroots level. Looking at efforts like this fills our company culture with immense pride for what we do for our patients.”

ESG Award Spotlight

Volunteering Spotlights

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