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Theodora Chung, Site Contract Leader, offers us an insight into her role, which is to oversee the whole clinical trial budget and contract planning, drafting and negotiations till its execution. She is passionate about working in the team.
Theodora also shares with us the skillset to be successful in a Site Contract Leader role. In her free time, she loves to dramas as it keeps her curiosity about the character’s thoughts and actions.
Photo of Theodora

Please help to introduce yourself. 

I joined Parexel in April 2022, and it has been a good year and a half. I have been working in the clinical trials industry for 6 years, in various roles such as study start-up specialist, and project coordinator both in central labs and other clinical research organizations.

What is it like to work as a Site Contract Leader? Can kindly help to introduce the daily job?

My day-to-day work is to oversee the whole clinical trial budget and contract planning, drafting and negotiations through, till its execution.

What are the departments/positions Site Contract Leader team collaborating with most frequently?

We typically work with Clinical Research Associates to get on the ground information on the sites we are working with and collaborate closely with the clinical operations team as well as the study start-up team.

Group photo- Theodora

Can you share the Career Development chances in Site Contract Leader team? How has Parexel supported your career growth?

There are opportunities to transition to other roles within Clinical Operations, or join the Study Start-up team. 

What kind of advice you’d give to people who’d like to join Site Contract Leader team?

You must be a good communicator as there are many stakeholders working on the study. Be flexible, and a problem solver, to me there is no such thing, as “it cannot be done”, look for options, and work around as much as possible.

What do you enjoy outside of work? What is something most people don't know about you that would surprise them?

I love dramas, k-drama, c-drama, and whatever is trending on Netflix. I love character driven stories, where characters grow and develop with an interesting plot, as it keeps me guessing on the character’s thoughts and actions.

If you were to introduce your job to a friend that does not know CRO, how would you introduce CRO to them?

A service provider to pharmaceutical companies, or bio-tech companies, offering services for running or consulting on clinical trials.

How would you introduce the job of Site Contract Leader team? Can you help to introduce how does Site Contract Leader team functions in the clinical research cycle?

As a Site Contract Leader, as its title suggests, we manage the planning, drafting and negotiation of clinical study budget, and contracts, regionally and globally. We have different scopes, where some of us work to oversee the whole process like a project manager, while others work on the actual negotiation with hospitals and clinical trial sites.

What do you think is the most attractive part of Parexel and CRO industry? What have you experienced at Parexel but not anywhere else?

What I truly appreciate about Parexel is the maturity of the people working in the company, most of my colleagues have been working in the industry or company for a number of years, they are able to provide helpful advice, and have a better sense of responsibility and ownership of the work they are doing.

Can you share the training provided at Parexel ?

There are clear and throughout training provided by individual line managers along with general training through document review.

Please share how you use Parexel benefit and what are the best part of it.

The biggest benefit is being home-based, as it allows more flexibility in working hours. More importantly, this is possible, as we have very experienced “mature” colleagues who are able to work independently and collaboratively.

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