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Meet Jamie Langley: Executive Director, Parexel Academy (USA)

"I truly believe that Parexel is a great place to work – for everyone. The 'heart' of the organization is in the right place, with a focus on our patients and our people."

    Jamie Langley, Executive Director, Parexel Academy, offers her perspective on Parexel's inclusivity to LGBTQ+ colleagues, how she feels about being "out" at work, and more. Jamie developed within Parexel from a Manager, Global Research Operations to Senior Director for the Parexel Academy. She is an experienced Operations, People, and Learning & Development Leader with a passion for continued learning and education at the employee, patient, and client levels.

    • Where are you today in your career? 

    Today, I am in an exciting role as Regional Director, Parexel Academy Americas, based in NC. I’m responsible for establishing and building the Americas presence. This involves leveraging relationships internally and externally with our commercial team, clients, and professional organizations to support the development of current and future industry professionals.

    • Are you “out” at work? And if so, do you comfortable being “out” at work?

    I am “out” at work, and very comfortable with that! I have found my Parexel family to be very open and supportive. My partner of 17 years is beginning his transition, which I have shared with many of my colleagues and have received the most amazing support and been connected with resources internally and externally. So, am I comfortable? Absolutely!

    • How do you feel Parexel demonstrates its inclusivity to LGBTQ+ colleagues?

    Parexel has taken some great steps already! Parexel Pride, our global LGBTQ+ committee, was formed last year and is sponsored by Michele Fournier. In fact, Parexel was just ranked by the Human Right Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index, which measures workplaces that support the LGBTQ+ employees. This is a tremendous step for Parexel and would not have been possible without Parexel Pride, our large D&I team, and senior leadership support.

    • What else do you feel Parexel could do to increase its inclusivity to LGBTQ+ colleagues?

    I think this is often very “individual”, meaning that the experiences of our LGBTQ+ colleagues can be quite inconsistent. While I am extremely fortunate in my personal experience, I think there is more we can do as an organization to support awareness amongst our non-LGBTQ+ colleagues globally and support the inclusion of our LGBTQ+ colleagues, clients, and patients. And I strongly believe that raising visibility of Parexel Pride will help us make a greater impact inside and outside our organization. Specifically, Parexel Pride seeks to better understand the perspective and challenges that our LGBTQ+ colleagues face, be the voice of our LGBTQ+ communities, and promote inclusivity across the organization.

    • What would you tell LGBTQ+ friends or those interested in working for Parexel about the company?

    I truly believe that Parexel is a great place to work – for everyone. The “heart” of the organization is in the right place, with a focus on our patients and our people.

    • What do you think are the benefits to working at Parexel above other companies?

    Honestly, it’s our people! The diversity within our organization and recognition of the unique perspectives and skills that each colleague brings to the table is amazing. Every company has processes and technology, but Parexel has the most amazing people – with heart!

    Jamie and her partner of 17 years. ©Photos by Jamie Langley

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