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Meet Mark Malone, a Corporate Real Estate &
Services (CRES) Manager and U.S. Navy Veteran, proud to be part of Parexel's global mission

"Working 'With Heart' at Parexel allows me to fulfill my duty to serve, just as I have served my country. I'm able to meaningfully support humanity through our medical research."

Mark, short hair and beard, wears a brown polo shirt, smiling at the camera.

Military veterans bring many positive qualities and attributes to the workplace. This often includes a unique or specialized skillset, strong work ethic, a sense of duty for serving others and the ability to remain focused and levelheaded no matter how stressful the situation.

Parexel is fortunate to have a large number of uniquely qualified and experienced Veterans join our ranks following their years of service to their country, including Mark Malone.

Mark is a Corporate Real Estate & Services (CRES) Manager, located in Durham, NC. He came to Parexel in September 2022, bringing a wealth of experience from his career in the military and a resume rich with experience in the Facilities profession.

When did you join Parexel, and why did you choose Parexel?

I joined Parexel in October of 2022. This was not my first job after my honorable discharge from the US Navy. In my life, and career path, I have performed many different jobs from serving my country on Submarines, playing music professionally, to finally serving the Medical Research community. I selected Parexel for several reasons - Parexel is world renown in clinical trials and I love the “With Heart” mindset. Since I have been here, that mindset is truly part of everything we do. Ownership, leadership, and my skillsets matched perfectly with the needs of the company.

How would you describe what it’s like to work on your team at Parexel?

I am the Corporate Real Estate & Services (CRES) Manager for the Facilities Department at the North American Corporate Headquarters. It is extremely rewarding to work with the facilities leadership team, as I truly enjoy the respect and collaboration with my Chief Procurement Officer and Sr. Director. It is extremely rewarding when your leaders recognize your talents, utilize them, and reward you accordingly.

What motivates you to work With Heart™ every day?

Good customer service. At some point in everyone’s life, we are all a customer and how we treat each other is very important to me. I do my best to treat others as I want to be treated.

What is one way you always keep “Patients First”?

I don’t come in direct contact with patients, but the support my team and I give to my colleagues allows them to concentrate on providing our patients with the best care Parexel can provide.

Mark, in a full body wetsuit.

How does your military service contribute to your success at Parexel or in the clinical research industry?

As a US Navy submarine nuclear power plant operator, my skills in troubleshooting and fabrication have allowed me to look outside the box when it comes to maintaining and assisting with day-to-day Facility operations. The auxiliary equipment on a submarine — such as HVAC, 4500psi air, 3000psi hydraulics, oxygen clean systems, atmosphere control equipment and more — was all included in my job training and matches up perfectly with industrial and commercial building operations. Additionally, it has been extremely valuable in the bio-medical field assisting with scientific fabrication and set up of complex equipment.

How has Parexel supported your career development?

Parexel has supported my growth by allowing me to lead with support, guidance, and providing the training needed to become a successful leader for my team. Coming from the military into the civilian community it is particularly challenging, and they have aided my professional growth by focusing on areas that I identified as needing development. In the military, we give and take orders with no questions. That does not work in the civilian world and former military must develop a softer demeaner.  Parexel has an impressive Learning Management System, which has helped guide my career. If you want to advance your career, the opportunities are available and include setting your career goals as part of the evaluation process.


How do you maintain and support flexibility?

Operating a facility is all about flexibility and ownership. When ownership for a task has not been assigned to a department, it could potentially become a Facilities responsibility. We must be flexible and respond to the daily challenges of building maintenance and general operations. Having been on a nuclear submarine, I have a mindset of “total support.” Although we may know it is not our departments’ responsibility, we approach the problem or situation with a “I’m here to help you” attitude. Like on a submarine, we are all in the same boat together. 


What makes a great leader and how do these qualities show within Parexel’s leadership and your role? 

What makes a good leader is a good follower. If you cannot follow the directions of your superiors, you cannot expect your direct reports to follow you.

Parexel’s leadership team is the best for which I have worked. It is easy to be at the top and not be in touch with what is going on below you, but our leadership team truly leads “With Heart.” They are always open to conversation, both positive and negative, and understand the value of communication. I love the way they get Involved at every level and I have never felt a disconnect with upper management and other levels.

When you have good leaders, it is easy to follow their lead, which is how I implement Parexel’s core values into my teams’ everyday operations. I also utilize my military professionalism along with the life / career lessons I have learned to mold and guide my team to success. After serving in the military and seeing how we treat each other in this world, we can all stand to care for each other WITH a little more HEART.

Reflecting on your work at Parexel, what are you most proud of and why? 

I love Parexel’s “I see it – I own it” mindset. As a submariner, there is no such thing as “that’s not my job".  We are all literally in the same boat and support each other no matter what. So “I see it – I own it” is a way of life for me. Seeing members of our Executive Leadership Team roll up their sleeves, get involved and lead by example lets me know I picked the right company to join.

What is something about you that would surprise people?

I’m a professional bass guitar player and have toured around the world. The most noted band I played with was The Corey Parker Band. Corey is the son of famous funk saxophone player, Maceo Parker. Maceo was the saxophonist for James Brown, Prince and Parliament Funkadelic.

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