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Meet Urvashi Thakur: Associate Medical Writer (India)

"I chose Parexel because, not only do the core values of Parexel (Patients first, Quality, Respect and Empowerment and Accountability) align with what I believe in, but I also knew that the work at Parexel would challenge me at every step and support my career goals."

Urvashi Thakur, Associate Medical Writer shares with us what it is like to work at Parexel and how no two days are the same. Urvashi tells us that she learns something new every day! Also, find out why she likes honey bees!

  • Please introduce yourself and your role at Parexel.
    Hi I am Urvashi Thakur. I am 24 yrs old and I have been working as an Associate Medical Writer at Parexel for the last 4 and a half months. I completed my Master’s in Biotechnology from DAV College, Chandigarh, India. Before joining Parexel I gained one year of experience working as a Medical Writer. I like having long walks, listening to music, and reading.

    At Parexel, I handle the Quality Check part of the aggregate reports. I ensure that the reports are submission-ready, with minimal errors, and are of top quality so that the client only receives the best of the best from Parexel.

  • Can you tell me what a day in your job looks like? What are your core responsibilities?
    Quite busy to be honest. This is because sometimes we have 2 or 3 deliverables in a day and Quality Checking is something that you cannot rush. So, I try to effectively manage my work and perform it with integrity.

    My core responsibilities include making sure that the reports are delivered on time, the reports are submission-ready, they are free of any discrepancies, and are basically what the client expects from Parexel.

  • When did you join Parexel, and why did you choose Parexel above our competitors?
    I joined Parexel in Jan 2022. I chose Parexel because, not only do the core values of Parexel (Patients first, Quality, Respect, and Empowerment and Accountability) align with what I believe in, but I also knew that the work at Parexel would challenge me at every step and support my career goals.

  • What traits and/or skills are needed to be successful in your role?
    The most important skills that are needed to be successful in my job role are keen observation, good command over language, strong medical base, and time management.

  • What is it about your position that challenges you most?
    Since I handle the Quality Check part of the aggregate reports, there is real pressure on me to identify all the discrepancies and to deliver the report in a timely manner. There is literally no margin for error because it would not only lead to my quality standards suffering but it would be a major setback for the writer who trusts us with their report.

  • What excites you most about the work you do?
    It excites me that there is something to learn every day. No two reports are the same. What might be true for one report might not be true for another. Therefore, you must learn and adapt each day so that you can give your 100 percent in every report.

  • How would you describe what it’s like working with your colleagues?
    Phenomenal! That is the only word that I can use to describe working with my colleagues. I get along quite well with all of them, and they have really been supportive of my journey up till now, whether it may be resolving my queries or just having a healthy discussion about how some things should usually work. They not only listen but they also provide their valuable insights into matters of concern, which I think really helps me develop as a professional.

  • Can you share with us an example of some of the work that you do, where you have gained a real sense of job satisfaction?
    I recently completed a Quality Check of a report where the client accepted all our concerns and comments. It feels really good when you realize that because of you, someone’s report or work has improved.

  • How has Parexel supported your career development?
    By challenging me every day and ensuring that whatever I do, I do it with utmost sincerity, integrity, and ‘With heart’.

  • Tell me something most people don’t know about you.
    Most people don’t know this, but I love everything about honeybees. From the hierarchy in their colonies, to how they select their queen, to how much hard work they put in to survive, it is all very fascinating and eye-opening. We could really learn a thing or two from them about how to sustain wisely. I think they are an integral part of our ecosystem and the way we have been exploiting them for our benefit is really something we should reflect upon.

  • What do you enjoy when you’re not at work?
    Reading. I enjoy having a nice cup of tea and reading anything that catches my eye. I can’t stomach non-fiction, but I definitely love reading a good psychological thriller with a shocking twist at the end.

  • Tell me three beliefs that you think would change the world for the better?
    Compassion, a sense of responsibility towards our planet, and prioritizing our mental and physical health.


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