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Meet Dorothy Chatterjee: Senior Document Quality Reviewer, Medical Writing Services (India)

"The Medical Writing Services team welcomed me with open arms, helped me settle down, and find my strength. I found friends to have fun with, colleagues to share my ideas with, and managers who genuinely listened."

Meet Dorothy! Dorothy shares her story about returning to work after a career break, and how she arrived at Parexel having previously worked for another CRO. Dorothy even draws comparisons between Parexel and Hogwarts. Dorothy re-excelled at Parexel!

  • Please introduce yourself and your current job role.
    Hello, I am Dorothy Chatterjee and I am a Senior Document Quality Reviewer within Medical Writing Services.

  • Can you tell us how you came to work for Parexel?
    After working for 7.5 years in a corporate company, I had to take a break after a complicated pregnancy at end of 2012. In early 2015, I went back to work as my baby was just old enough to speak and walk! I joined another CRO with hopes, but my dreams came crashing due to constant work pressure, poor work culture, and lack of empathy, among many other things. I quit again in mid-2016 unable to cope with literally 14 hours/day job and promised myself not to join a corporate organization again.

    After a lull year, I was eager to join the mainstream workforce again! I was slowly getting frustrated that the skills I picked along the way would go unutilized. One of my friends referred me to Parexel Medical Writing Services. I was not sure if I would even get past HR screening after such a long break. Then came the call from Parexel! I cannot forget the day; it was September 23, 2017. After my first call with my manager, all my fears were put to rest. The Medical Writing hiring manager smoothed out the onboarding process for me – right from the time and date of the interview to final proceedings.

  • Do you remember when you received your offer?
    I got the golden call of ‘offer’ on October 27, 2017. I was onboarded on December 20, 2017 and since then, my journey has been nothing but extraordinary!

  • How did the Medical Writing Team help you settle back into work?
    The Medical Writing Services team welcomed me with open arms, helped me settle down, and find my strength. I found friends to have fun with, colleagues to share my ideas with, and managers who genuinely listened. Whether personal or professional, they nurtured me to grow. I found mentors who are willing to be teachers, guides, and friends all combined in one.

  • Can you tell us how you achieve a positive work-life balance?
    Work-life balance is unparalleled here. In my 4+ years here, there is not a single day when I felt, "I cannot manage this." I always tell everyone that our India Medical Writing Services Team is a bit like what Professor Dumbledore said, “You will find that help will always be given at Hogwarts… to those who ask for it.” No one will micromanage you until you give a very serious reason to do so. I have been decentralized for last two years, and that has given me so much flexibility to balance work and be near my children.

  • What else would you like others to know who are thinking about applying to Parexel after a career break?
    I can go on and on, but to summarize, I am grateful for the privileges I got and continue to get at Parexel. The opportunities to learn and grow, the help and support from our colleagues and managers – that translates literally into “We Care” and is reflected in everything we do at Parexel—all while keeping the patients at the heart of it.

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