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Meet Inhye, a Senior Clinical Research Nurse contributing to society

"It’s our job to keep the research participants safe and comfortable while they are at the Early Phase Clinic. They help test new treatments and these learnings help many others."

Inhye, a female Korean, with chin long dark hair, red lipstick and a striped shirt taking a selfie with a beach walk in the background.

Inhye shares insights into her journey with Parexel, her reasons for choosing the organization, and the values that resonate with her the most. Discover her passion for clinical research, dedication to patient safety, and the supportive work environment she enjoys with her colleagues.

In addition, get a glimpse into Inhye's personal life, including her love for staying active, exploring coffee shops, and date nights with her husband.

Join us as we delve deeper into Inhye's experiences.

How long have you been with Parexel?

I’ve been at Parexel since 2016. I still feel like the new colleague because the other nurses have been here even longer!


Why spend your career with Parexel?

My coworkers! They’re not just my coworkers, they’re my friends. They are all so supportive, kind and nice. I love working with them!

Even when I started, my coworkers and managers were so welcoming — I never felt like a stranger. We always try to help each other and have really good communication. Everyone across the different teams is here to help!

Tell us about your journey to Parexel.

I started working as a nurse at MICU in Korea for four years, then I wanted a more diverse experience so I joined another CRO as a CRA. It was there I found that I really enjoyed Clinical Research. When I worked at MICU in Korea, there was a Parexel office in the hospital so I knew of Parexel’s values and culture. When I moved to the United States I knew this was where I wanted to work.

Which Parexel Core Value stands out to you?

Patients First is the core value that resonates most with me because if we don’t have subjects, we can’t do our jobs. They are the most important part. It’s our job to keep them safe and comfortable while they are here. The subjects and volunteers help test new treatments and these learnings help many others.

Inhye, a female Korean, full body image stnadng in a landscape, she is holding up a hand marking the hight of a tree, which is further in the back. It creates the illusion that she is taller than the tree.

What is the best part of being a Senior Research Nurse?

Everything! That’s why I’m still working here. All my coworkers are awesome! At Parexel, I feel I am contributing something to society and my day-to-day responsibilities are interesting. Working on early phase studies we spend time getting to know our volunteers and hear about their experience which is always interesting.

Inhye and her husband, Kiwan each holding a cup of coffee.

Tell us about yourself outside of work.

I find being active helps me to relax. I de-stress with Pilates and the gym. I’ve been doing Pilates for about eight years, and it really helped me strengthen my back — I recommend it! I do HITT workouts too and it gives a real sense of accomplishment.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I enjoy spending time with my husband, Kiwan; we were long-distance when I lived in Korea so it makes time together all the more special, even now! We love trying different coffee shops together like Alchemist Coffee, Arabica and Alfred. My go-to order is an iced Vanilla Latte. We’re also big Marvel movie fans so keeping up-to-date on the latest movies gives an instant date-night activity.”

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