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Meet Itzel Pacheco: Senior Clinical Data Analyst

"What excites me most about the work I do at Parexel is that we are dedicated to improving patients’ quality of life."

Itzel offers insight into her role and what it's like working as a Senior Clinical Data Analyst for Parexel Mexico, what excited her about the work she does, and why she chose Parexel.

  • Please introduce yourself and your role at Parexel.

Hi! My name is Itzel Pacheco and I joined Parexel as a Senior Clinical Data Analyst.

  • Can you tell me what a day in your job looks like? What are your core responsibilities?

There is always an upcoming deliverable, so it’s important to stay tuned-in about communications from the sponsor and internal clients. My core responsibilities are assisting the study Data Manager Lead when needed, delegating tasks to the Clinical Data Analysts, and supervising projects so that they're met on time with high quality.

  • What traits and/or skills are needed to be successful in your role?

The key to being successful is communication, good time management to prioritize tasks, attention to the detail, and the ability to work under pressure.

  • What would you like people to know about your job or department?

I’ve always thought Data Management (DM) is as important as other departments, because at the end of each study, the information required to complete the statistical analysis and make decisions about the study is obtained from the data entered in the database.

  • How would you describe what it’s like to work at Parexel; specifically Parexel Mexico?

It has been such an amazing experience to be part of a wonderful and multi-cultural team because no matter the distance or language, we work together keeping in mind our core values – patients first, quality, respect, and empowerment and accountability.

  • What excites you most about the work you do?

What excites me most about the work I do at Parexel is that we are dedicated to improving patients’ quality of life. Many of us have had a a loved one be a patient, or themselves be the patient, so that's why I love that all we do, we do it with heart. That makes me feel proud!

  • How has Parexel supported your personal development since you joined?

The way I feel supported by Parexel is that in addition to the provided required trainings, I have the chance to learn from my team and other colleagues through my day-to-day activities and understanding that limits don’t exist in terms of development.

    • How has Parexel supported you in difficult situations like the pandemic and natural disasters?

      I appreciate that my role is decentralized, because that way I can take care of my physical and mental health; while also having time to stay close to my family, dogs, and the chance to resolve any personal issues. Even though I’m working from home, my team and Line Manager are always there when needed.

    Pictured: Itzel with dogs Franny and Masha

    • When did you join Parexel, and why did you choose Parexel above our competitors?

    I joined Parexel in May 2021 and since the beginning, I knew that the company understood that we are more than employees or patients, but that we all are people - no matter the language, race, location, or religion.

    • What advice would you provide to future candidates?

    I would like to invite them to give a chance to Parexel, and to discover the great development opportunities that the company has for employees and the nice work environment!

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    ©Photos by Itzel Pacheco

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