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Meet Santino Tin: Clinical Operations Leader (Australia)

"I knew that working for such a well-established and full-service company would provide me with a solid foundation of training, expertise, and exposure to the clinical research infrastructure."

Santino's career at Parexel, from a Project Specialist to a Clinical Operations Leader, showcases a diverse journey through Clinical Operations, fueled by a passion for the pharmaceutical industry and a commitment to impacting patient lives. His experience highlights Parexel's dedication to professional growth and the embodiment of the "We Care" promise in every facet of their work.

  • Please introduce yourself and your role at Parexel.

My name’s Santino Tin and I’ve been with Parexel since 2012. A university graduate of pharmacology and neuroscience, the pharmaceutical industry and clinical research were always in the cards in way, shape, or form.

Since joining Parexel as a contracted Project Specialist, I've experienced an incredible journey of growth and development. My career path within the company has been both varied and enriching, taking me through the ranks of Clinical Operations. From starting as a Clinical Monitoring Associate I and II, I progressed to Clinical Research Associate I and II and eventually became a Senior. My journey didn't stop there; I transitioned to a Clinical Site Manager and then returned to Senior Clinical Research Associate.

In 2021 I participated in the ACCOLADE program, a development initiative designed for Senior CRAs / iCRAs to seamlessly transition into the Clinical Operations Leader (COL) role. After the program, I transitioned to an Associate Clinical Operations Leader role and already progressed to a COL role. This journey has allowed me to witness and contribute to various clinical paradigms, showcasing Parexel's unwavering commitment to professional growth and development.

    • Why did you choose Parexel?

    I  chose Parexel as they were one of the leading CROs in the business with such a strong global footprint, I knew that working for such a well-established and full-service company would provide me with a solid foundation of training, expertise and exposure to the clinical research infrastructure.

    • Can you share a rewarding experience for you during your time at Parexel?

    One of my earliest projects upon joining Parexel was to assist in the closure of a behemoth of a study that at that point still utilized paper CRFs. It was a baptism by fire and I relished the learning curve and exposure which was well ahead of my peer’s expectations. A year or so later I read that the new drug application that the study was supporting had been approved and patients were beginning to access this drug and lives were being changed. Opening that newspaper and reading that, was hugely rewarding and is a moment I can call back to, to center my focus on why this work is so crucial.

    • What does the Parexel brand promise “We care.” mean to you?

    The promise “We Care” echoes through all of my work, whether in client-facing meetings, site management, or performing those more mundane and tedious tasks. The patients are the end goal of this work and ensuring that “We Care” is a statement that rings true in everything I do.

    • How do you achieve a positive work-life balance?

    It’s often hard to maintain a positive work-life balance but remains one of my priorities on a daily basis. Maturing into an early riser I get myself into the gym every morning and set myself up with a coffee to get a kick to the day. These are non-negotiables and are somewhat ritualistic now. Living in this new work-from-home environment means that autonomy is emphasized and balance can sometimes be achieved more easily. My afternoon today has been clear and I type this after returning from a 5k run around the park. If that’s not balanced, I don’t know what is!

    • What do you enjoy when you're not at work?

    As part of my non-negotiable, exercising is my mana. The workout comes in about a million forms for me and ranges from rock climbing, badminton, tennis, running, and kayaking to paddleboarding. When I’m not out running my joints, I’m out and about with my DSLR camera snapping the glorious landscape and cityscapes Sydney has to offer.

    ©Photos by Santino Tin

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