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Meet Xin Ni, a Clinical Data Analyst I (Malaysia) who is passionate about data Integrity and collaborative work at Parexel

"I feel grateful to have Parexel colleagues who are always happy to share their experience and knowledge."

Picture of Xin Ni, CDA, Malaysia, Parexel

Xin Ni is the first batch of Clinical Data Analyst Intern's in Parexel Malaysia.  After just 5 months of industrial training, her exceptional performance led to her becoming shortlisted and hired on a permanent basis as Clinical Data Analyst I. With a youthful energy and a passion for giving back through volunteering in charity events, Xin Ni is grateful when she is contributing and learning from society after-work activities.  Read more to hear Xin Ni's inspiring journey to gain valuable insights into the mindset and potential of Gen Z workers as the future innovators.

Please introduce yourself.

Greetings! I am a fresh graduate with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science. I joined Parexel as the first batch of Intern Clinical Data Analyst in Malaysia in February 2023. After a stint of 5 months, I was shortlisted and hired as a permanent Clinical Data Analyst I in July 2023.

What is it like to work as a Clinical Data Analyst? Can kindly help to introduce the daily job?

As a Clinical Data Analyst, we carry out our duty as a guardian to the data of clinical trials. In general, our daily routine involves dataset review to ensure all collected data is complete, correct, and consistent as per protocol requirement. We also perform data reconciliation by comparing data from a database with another platform. We are required to raise query or ask relevant question as to why a mismatch or a discrepancy is there.

Meanwhile, we have to generate specific reports which provide us detailed information on study progress based on study requirement.

What are the positions does Data Management team collaborates with most frequently?

In Data Management team, we closely collaborate with Clinical Database Programmer (CDP) and Clinical Data Engineer (CDE) to develop a comprehensive database and output various reports for data cleaning. We also communicate frequently with Clinical Research Associate (CRA) to seek for their assistance in moderating our communication with investigator or site personnel.

Moreover, we collaborate with Medical Monitor (MM) to validate medical-related data. From my perspective, mutual support exists among us across various departments in providing the best services to our clients and all stakeholders.

Can you share the Career Development chances in Data Management team? 

    In Data Management team, we have several options to be explored in our career pathway. For a Clinical Data Analyst (CDA), our direct career progression is from CDA I to CDA II followed by CDA III. As a CDA III, the next progression is crucial.

    You can either choose to be a Data Management Lead (a project manager) which is client facing or to become a Line manager (people manager). There is also a possibility for us to switch to another role should there be an opening, assuming that we fulfill the job requirement. Overall, I personally think that our chances in career development at Parexel are diverse.

    Employee at Parexel Malaysia as Clinical Data Analyst (CDA) in Data Management team

    What kind of advice you’d give to people who’d like to join Data Management team?

    If you are interested in joining Data Management team, I would suggest to evaluate if you possess the characteristics and interest in this field. Below are key behaviors and qualities which are crucial:

      • Sense of ownership: Taking responsibility of your own assignment
      • Attention to detail
      • Keep and open mind and willing to learn new knowledge
      • Quality mindset: Everything we do, we prioritize patient safety first

    What do you enjoy outside of work? What is something most people don't know about you that would surprise them?

    During non-business day, I enjoy organizing and volunteering in charity events, and I feel grateful when contributing and learning from the society. I love to explore everything, i.e., new place, new skills, new people, new experience etc., and even if I am on my own. Most people were amazed when I was going for a work exchange program alone.

    More about Parexel and CRO

    If you were to introduce your job to a friend that does not know CRO, how would you introduce CRO to them?

    CRO stands for Clinical or Contract Research Organization. In general, CRO is a specialized service provider to assist pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies in conducting clinical trial or research.

    Clinical research is a medical or healthcare study that involves human participants, and it is crucial for evaluating safety and effectiveness of medical interventions. Prior to the new treatments or therapies being push into the market, clinical trial is a mandatory process in order to gain the regulatory approval from Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    However, clinical trial is a complex and time-consuming process which requires a variety of procedures and involves many parties such as regulatory agencies, investigators, patients etc. Therefore, by partnering with CRO, it enables the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies to keep focusing on their expertise in research and development (R&D) area.

    How would you introduce the job of Data Management team? Can you help to introduce how does Data Management team functions in the clinical research cycle?

    There are three main phases in Data Management for clinical trials:

    • Study start-up
    • Conduct
    • Close-out phases

    During start-up phase, Data Management team is responsible for preparing data management plan as well as database design and development which will be used to collect data. When study is ongoing, we will perform data validation and data cleaning to ensure all data collected throughout the clinical trial is complete, correct and consistent. Lastly, the database lock, electronic archival, database transfer will be executed during the study close-out phase.

    Data Management team will ensure all procedures and documentations during the three phases are adhered to the study protocol, eCRF completion guidelines (CCG) and regulatory requirements.

    Company Outing - Xin Ni and DM team in Malaysia

    How is CRO industry different from the other industry?

    Since this is my first job after graduation, I do not have any exposure in other industry to make comparison. Based on my assumptions, the nature of job at Parexel is relatively different from other biomedical industry such as research and development lab or medical sales. Since Parexel is a multinational company, we often collaborate with colleagues from other nations and thereby we are allowed to work remotely instead of being check in physically to the company every day. Virtual communication among team members is more common at Parexel compared to other industry.

    What do you think is the most attractive part of Parexel and CRO industry? 

    Personally, the most attractive part of Parexel is the chance to participate in projects across multi-nations. Throughout the collaboration, we may discover different cultures and working styles for other countries. While being in CRO industry, we often collaborate with different departments, and we are able to learn about some knowledge from other departments as well. I feel grateful to have Parexel colleagues who are always happy to share their experience and knowledge.

    Can you share the training provided at Parexel? 

    The training provided at Parexel is comprehensive and well-designed for employees from all experience levels. The general company resource training helps new employees to acknowledge the organization background, policies, and regulations. Meanwhile, position- or project-specific training enables the employees to acquire the skills to perform the specific tasks by adhering to the standard operation procedures (SOPs). Apart from that, training also will be provided when there is any updates or amendments based on the previous training. Therefore, all employees could receive the latest information and all procedures are standardized within our organization.

    Please share how you use Parexel benefit and what are the best part of it.

    I think the best part of Parexel is the working flexibility as we could always work at our preferences, providing that we manage to complete the assignments within the timeline. We are also able to be out of office if there is any emergency case due to the working flexibility and sufficient backup from our teams.


    A Day of CDA at Parexel Malaysia

    How does the life of a CDA at Parexel Malaysia office look like? 💭
    Let's go visit there with Xin Ni! ☕

    In this 2.5 minutes video, you'll follow Xin Ni on a day of her life in data management team and understands the office environment of Parexel Malaysia. 

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