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Meet Adrian, a Site Care Partner navigating the complex landscape of clinical trials

“I focus on developing relationships with sites through open and transparent communication, creating a positive environment where they can share successes and issues related to the study.“

Adrian Cawley, Site Care Partner - FSP (Senior Clinical Research Associate), on top of a mountain with his partner
Welcome to this interview with Adrian Cawley, a member of Parexel's Functional Service Provider (FSP) department. Adrian works as an outsourced Site Care Partner (SCP) for a client within the pharmaceutical industry. In this interview, Adrian will shed light on his role, the responsibilities he undertakes, and how he contributes to the success of clinical trials. Let's dive in and learn more about Adrian's experience and insights as an SCP.

What does a day in the life of your role look like?

The dynamic and growing Site Care Partner (SCP) role plays a crucial part in defining the trajectory of clinical trials in their initial and final stages by providing end-to-end support. Additionally, the SCP acts as an intermediary between site and study teams to improve the relationship between investigators, sites, and sponsors. Day-to-day activities vary, but you are constantly collaborating with the team.

The role involves various responsibilities within the feasibility, qualification, initiation, and monitoring stages:

  • Feasibility assessments include identifying suitable sites and determining if a trial is feasible in a country based on criteria and standard of care.
  • During the qualification stage, we review and document whether the site agrees to the protocol and is capable of proceeding with the study.
  • Site initiation involves training and activating the trial for patients to receive the investigational product.
  • During monitoring stages, the SCP also provides quality oversight, ensuring GCP compliance and identifying any potential quality events.


How do you work With Heart™ and what does it mean to you?

Working With Heart™ means prioritizing the patient and their treatment. It involves assisting patients through behind-the-scenes activities which include activating a site quickly so they receive the investigational product or serving as a point of communication between sites and sponsors to streamline the process. These efforts aim to improve patients' lives by facilitating their access to potential treatments.

Personally, I focus on developing relationships with sites through open and transparent communication, creating a positive environment where they can share successes and issues related to the study. This ultimately benefits the patient's access to potential treatments.


What have you experienced at Parexel but not anywhere else?

At Parexel, I have experienced an openness to innovative solutions and ideas for improving the company. As a CRA, I had the opportunity to engage with my Director and Vice Presidents to discuss streamlining processes, especially during qualification stages and increasing analytical resources for site selection. These situations demonstrated that Parexel values its employees and is receptive to new ideas.


How has Parexel supported your career growth?

The support from my Line Managers and Directors has been instrumental in my progression from Clinical Operations Assistant (COA) to Clinical Research Associate (CRA) and now Site Care Partner (SCP). They have listened to me and guided me through my career transitions. Furthermore, as mentioned above they gave me opportunities to improve processes at Parexel which has allowed me to engage with a range of different stakeholders.


Has there been a project you've worked on that has been rewarding and how?

The most rewarding project I have worked on was a major COVID trial. I assisted countries in the APAC and North American region with site activation and monitoring. This experience demonstrated my adaptability and receptiveness to new information. I also had the opportunity to train colleagues in other countries, streamlining their processes for successful site activation and approval without any queries.


What do you want candidates to know about your role before accepting an offer?

Before accepting the SCP role, candidates should understand the function of the role. It is a new and dynamic role that requires strong communication skills and oversight capabilities. Building relationships with sites and being a point of communication are critical to success. Additionally, emphasizing GCP compliance and implementing processes to ensure patients receive the investigational product are essential.


Are there any habits, behaviors, or beliefs you find to be helpful in your everyday personal and/or work activities?

Personally, I find that practicing patience and understanding are helpful habits in both personal and work activities. In fast-paced environments, taking the time to listen and understand the situation's intricacies is crucial. It allows for better problem-solving and potential solutions.


What is something most people don't know about you that would surprise them?

Most of my colleagues don't know that I competed in an international fencing competition in Thailand and placed in the top 8.


What do you enjoy outside of work?

I enjoy hiking and woodworking. In the picture at the top of the page, we hiked up to Mount Kosciuszko which is the highest mountain in Australia in the Snowy Mountains, which I have done three times on a few multi-day hikes. The first picture below is of the Whitsundays, which is an island up north in Queensland that is tropical, and the water is crystal clear and 23C in winter. In the woodworking picture, I was constructing a dining table from Australian hardwood timber with steel as we wanted to have a large 8-seater for events with family and friends and to have a personal item in our living room that we built.

Adrian Cawley, Site Care Partner - FSP, with his partner in front of a coastal scenery. Adrian with his partner on the Whitsundays.
Adrian Cawley, Site Care Partner - FSP, working on his hobby, table construction. Adrian constructing a dining table.

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