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Meet Tom: Director, Medical IT (United Kingdom)

"The major difference I have noticed is a stronger sense of purpose — in wanting to get things done and done right."

Tom originally came to Parexel in 2007 as a Medical IT Specialist and left in 2016; he then returned in September 2021.

  • Why did you decide to return to Parexel?
    After leaving Parexel I was lucky enough to gain knowledge and experience in a variety of roles within the pharmaceutical industry. Whilst the different cultures and working practices I encountered had their positive aspects, I came to realize that I often referred back to Parexel as the “Gold Standard” and would regularly ask myself, “What would Parexel do?” especially when presented with a challenge or weakness.

    When I saw that there was the opportunity to rejoin Parexel as a Director in Medical Information Technology, I didn’t hesitate to apply. I knew I could bring my learnings from the intervening six years and apply them to the solid foundation on which Parexel is built — Quality, Respect, and above all Patients First — and be an integral part of the Global Safety Services team as we strive to improve patient lives.
  • What is different at Parexel now compared to when you first were here?
    The major difference I have noticed is a stronger sense of purpose — in wanting to get things done and done right. Everyone appreciates that they are a part of a team with an ultimate goal, and not just a person completing their tasks within a silo.
  • What would you tell other colleagues who may be considering returning to Parexel?
    I would encourage other former colleagues to not worry about the idea that it is somehow a backward step. I can’t think of any better company than Parexel to bring the experiences, skills, and knowledge I have gained to improve the lives of patients.

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