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Meet Chrishni, a Senior Project Leader with an exciting global journey

"It's been a lifelong dream to live in France. Being part of a truly global company like Parexel made it possible for me to make this move, and I'm very thankful for that."

Chrishni smiling at the camera, open curly hair, wearing a gray coat.

Meet Chrishni, whose lifelong love for France led her to follow her dreams. Joining Parexel in 2019, she and her family made the daring decision to relocate from Australia to France. 🌍

Now based in Lyon, Chrishni thrives in an environment where attending investigator meetings and collaborating with her global team is easier, thanks to the perfect time zone. However, the benefits of her move extend far beyond her career. Chrishni now enjoys an improved work-life balance, dedicating time to indulge in her passions. From honing her martial arts skills and exploring the picturesque Pyrenees to engaging in outdoor adventures with her family.

Let her story inspire you to pursue your dreams and find your own harmonious work-life blend.

Would you mind giving an overview of when you started at Parexel and how you moved to France?

I joined Parexel in 2019 while based in Melbourne, Australia. However, managing global teams became challenging due to the time zone differences. I was working ridiculous hours, trying to connect with my team, trying to attend meetings. So, I had a discussion with my manager and asked if I could relocate to Europe, specifically to France. I explained that working in Europe would be hugely beneficial for the study I was working on, and she was very supportive. Within six months, I made the move. I've never been happier.

Why did you want to move to France? Have you been there before?

It's been a lifelong love affair with France. We've been here several times, including our honeymoon. We just love everything about it. It's also a great base to be able to explore the rest of Europe. With COVID as well, we just realized that life is fleeting, and we should grab opportunities when they come. Being part of a truly global company like Parexel made it possible for me to make this move, and I'm very thankful for that.

How has your work experience changed since the move?

With the current global mega-trial I am running, being in Europe, has allowed me to connect a lot more easily with my entire team due to the timezone. I’ve been able to attend investigator meetings and have face-to-face interactions with my colleagues which has been vital to leading a successful and cohesive team thus promoting strong collaborations between both Parexel staff and sponsor.

A carousel of pictures of Chrshni meeting colleagues, two of which were taken outside in the snow, and one during a conference.

How did Parexel support your career progression?

When I first started as a Project Leader in Melbourne, I had the opportunity to work closely with a Senior Global Project Leader, which was a great learning experience. From there, I took on more projects as a global lead. The current project I'm working on is a huge study, particularly challenging, and I was given the responsibility to lead it. Parexel provided the platform for me to take on this role and learn so much along the way. They have supported my growth and development by giving me various project opportunities and trusting me with new challenges.

How do you work well across cultures?

Understanding diversity and cultural differences is crucial for being a strong leader. It allows you to lead with passion and bring out the best in people. You cannot do that without understanding diversity and the unique ways individuals work. For example, when working with APAC teams, you know that they might not speak out openly. Creating an environment where they feel comfortable and have an equal voice is important. Accepting and understanding differences are essential in both life and work.

Why did you join Parexel?

When I decided to move on from my last job, I specifically looked for a company that would provide a good work-life balance and a positive culture. I researched the feedback of current and former staff at Parexel to ensure it aligned with my expectations. Joining Parexel, I was fully supported and allowed to work from home. They trusted me to deliver without micromanaging my tasks. Having this flexibility allowed me to be present for my family commitments, making me a better Project Leader.

How would you describe Parexel’s culture?

The culture at Parexel is positive, enriching, and inviting. Employees are heard, empowered to do their jobs, and given room for growth. I can't speak highly enough about Parexel; it has been one of the best organizations I have worked with. They value your voice and address any issues, providing a conducive environment for contribution and personal development.

What are your interests and activities outside of work?

I am a big fan of martial arts, particularly karate, which I have been practicing for over 20 years, and currently hold a third Dan black belt. In Australia, I practiced karate, but when I moved to France, I decided to try Kung Fu. So that's what I'm currently exploring. Aside from martial arts, I love traveling, which was one of the reasons for our move to France. My family and I enjoy exploring new places, hiking in the Pyrenees, going for bike rides, and overall engaging in outdoor activities. Additionally, I have a creative side and enjoy creating things, such as crafting and painting. Living in Lyon, which is very artistic, has been inspiring, and I've had the opportunity to create a few paintings.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I believe that if you dream big, Parexel will give you the opportunity to accomplish those dreams. In my case, it was my dream to work in Europe, and within three years, I made it happen with the support of Parexel. If you are prepared to work hard and give your best, Parexel will provide the platform for growth and make your dreams a reality.

Chrishni, walking outside, looking over her shoulder with a smile and looking at the camera, wearing a yellow rain jacket and a backpack.

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