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Begin your career journey at Parexel

You will be at the heart of getting medicines to those who need them.

Gain insight into one of the leading global CROs, and work to develop your own scientific profile. Start as a Graduate in our Clinical Traineeships, Technology Graduate Schemes, or Internships and expand your expertise as part of our innovative teams.

Depending on your field of study, we help you to gain on-the-job experience. We offer short- and long-term opportunities that will give you the chance to put your academic experience and theory into practice. You will be part of a team dedicated to accomplishing great things together; you will learn how we take personal responsibility for making success happen, and how individual skills add value in a collaborative culture.

Through the knowledge and skills acquired during your practical internship, you will be able to set the foundation for future success in your professional life. 

Apply now for:

United States

 Biostatistician - Internship - Durham

  Clinical Operations Assistant - Graduate - Any Location

United Kingdom

 Statistical Programmer I - Graduate - Sheffield

 Statistical Programmer - Student Placement - Sheffield

 Biostatistician - Student Placement - Sheffield

  Associate Clinical Database Programmer - Student Placement - Sheffield

  Associate Clinical Data Analyst - Student Placement - Sheffield


  Financial Analyst I - Graduate - Dublin


  Project Support - Working Student (20h) - Berlin


  Clinical Research Associate I - Graduate - Tokyo

Learn more about our global graduate and placement opportunities in:

Clinical Opportunities

An outstanding opportunity for students within the biological science, pharmacy, or other health-related disciplines. To gain an insight into Clinical Research, join our experienced team, and become part of a dynamic and patient-centric environment.

 Clinical Operations Assistant - USA - Any Location

 Clinical Research Associate I - Japan - Tokyo


Biostatistics Opportunities

The Biostatistician I is a great opportunity to work alongside experienced biostatisticians. You will be assisting in the production of statistical reports and the programming of tables, listings, and figures. You will learn to perform statistical analyses and travel to, attend, and actively contribute to client meetings.

Biostatistician - University Placement - UK - Sheffield

Biostatistician I - Internship - Durham (USA) - for an MSc student or equivalent

Robbin Evans Progressed to a Statistical Programmer II after her placement in 2014

Statistical Programming Opportunities

A Statistical Programming Placement opportunity to join our group in analyzing and reporting Clinical Trials. During your placement, you will work with an assigned mentor to help with your training and development. Duties would include producing datasets, working on statistical outputs such as statistical tables and graphs, and data listings, utilizing SAS® Software.

 Statistical Programmer - University Placement - UK - Sheffield
Statistical Programmer I -
Graduate - UK -Sheffield

Finance Opportunities

The Finance Program offers training and development to work as a financial analyst and move into financial business partner roles in the future. With quality work assignments and designated managers and mentors, you will develop skills to shape your career.

Financial Analyst I - Ireland - Dublin
Finance Internship - Durham (USA)

Picture Amy Van Kirk

Amy Van Kirk

Director, University Relations


Pavandeep Kaur Mann

Graduate Recruiter

You can reach out to us via LinkedIn, or below email address:


  • Member of the 'Disability Confident' Scheme of the UK Government

University Events

During long-standing connections with Universities around the world, we recruit top talent at several events throughout the year. 

Partnerships events include:

 Recruitment Fair
Tech Game Off

Upcoming Events:

Black Pharma Career Clinic Takeover - Thursday, 9 Dec 2021 - 19:30

In partnership with Black Pharma, Parexel will be hosting a career clinic to help students and graduates gain advice on Parexel's student placement opportunities, such as Biostatistics and Statistical Programming. Register to learn more about the clinical research industry and how you can join our amazing organization!

Register here


It has been brought to our attention that there has been fraudulent activity by scammers attempting to represent themselves as Parexel employees or recruiters. These individuals are attempting to reach potential job seekers through online chat interviews and sending false offer letters, representing Parexel without our consent. If you’re concerned that you’ve been contacted by an unauthorized Parexel recruiter or employee, please notify You may also report suspicious fraudulent activity to your local law enforcement agency or the FBI. Thank you.