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Celebrating Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Parexel

Parexel celebrates the diversity of its workforce and patients and ensures an inclusive environment across gender, gender identity, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, age or other differences. We foster a culture of inclusion and acceptance around the world and divide our initiatives into three pillars.


Our patients-first focus ensures therapies are effective across all populations.

Our People

Our diverse employee base helps us better innovate and anticipate market demands.


Our emphasis on diverse suppliers and partners provides us with a competitive advantage and allows us to focus on diverse patient engagement.

Hear from Parexel's Executive Leadership Team on our culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. Our "We care" guiding principle and "Respect" core value are not hollow words; they were chosen carefully to speak to who we are as an organization and as a culture.

Our People Pillar


Our People Pillar Structure


Executive Sponsorship of Diversity Committees

Steering Committees:

  • Gender Partnership (2014): Promote a work environment where all genders can flourish and create value for Parexel, our customers, and shareholders. 
  • Talent Acquisition (2017): Attract and build a diverse workforce that leverages different experiences and perspectives, creating added value for Parexel and relating to our diverse clients and patients.
  • Parexel Pride (2019): Advance a culture where colleagues can bring their whole self to work through the inclusion and awareness of our LGBTQ+ patient, colleague, and customer communities. 
  • Parexel Multicultural (2019): Advance an environment of inclusion to better collaborate and deliver excellence as we work across ethnicity/nationality, culture, and regions.   
  • BEACON (2021): Black Employees Advisory Consortium - Subcommittee of Multicultural
  • Disability Steering Committee (2021): Representing those who have a disability — hidden or visible ― or who care for or about someone who does.

Regional Engagement Committees:

Our committees advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion to create an environment where our employees feel empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work, share their diverse experiences and perspectives regardless of difference. 

  • Americas: Argentina, Brazil, North America (Newton/Billerica, RTP, Hackensack, and Decentralized)
  • APAC: India, Japan, China (2021 Launch)
  • EMEA: Germany, Romania, South Africa, UK/Ireland

Business Unit Committee:


Leadership Development


Wisdom Circle (Women Inspiring Success and Developing Others to Management): 
Wisdom Circles are a nine-month women’s leadership development and mentoring opportunity for Managers through Associate Directors. Assigned to small, regional groups, Wisdom Circle members are challenged to expand their expertise across a variety of topics relevant for professional growth and development.

Women in Leadership (WIL):
Women in Leadership is a year-long, premier training opportunity for Director through Vice President employees to accelerate the development of women leaders through peer-based mentoring and extensive leadership development opportunities. After an initial four-day kick-off, created and executed by the Linkage Institute, participants are equipped with actionable strategies to overcome barriers to advancement through innovative learning and group collaboration. 

Men Advocating for Real Change (MARC):
This is a program designed to expand inclusive leadership strategies, sharpen awareness of inequalities, unconscious bias, and privilege. Attendees are encouraged to explore gender stereotypes, mutual benefits of equality, and strategies for effective partnership across genders. Participants will engage with a cross-functional network to strengthen leadership effectiveness.

The Partnership - BioDiversity Fellows Program: In partnership with BioDiversity, and specific to the life science industry, The BioDiversity Fellows Program multicultural talent (African American, Asian, Indigenous, and Hispanic) helps professionals expand their leadership capabilities and establish a greater executive presence. Participants focus on three core competencies: leadership, relationship building, and organizational skill.


Delivering on our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy


Raise awareness

  • Colleagues, managers, and leadership partner to create a culture of Respect, inclusion We Care for All.
  • Strengthen DE&I skills of managers to increase awareness, engagement, and inspiration (Ability for managers to initiate gender, ethnic, and race discussions).

Operationalize & set expectations

  • Business unit leadership is accountable to drive diversity and inclusion.
  • Enhance company strategy to attract, promote and advance a diverse and global workforce.
  • Diverse leadership to win and grow.

Taken action

  • DE&I committees to advise/lead cutting-edge impact.
  • Leadership programs to advance ethnically diverse leaders and women
  • DE&I Training for all employees


Get to know our people

Among the many great things about our company is the commitment of our colleagues. When it comes to challenges great and small, we dare to endeavor with heart.


Aida Sabo: Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion (United States) 

Aida discusses how bringing industry best practices in Diversity and Inclusion will allow us to create an environment of inclusivity, so that it becomes an inherent part of Parexel’s DNA.

Learn more 

Xoli Belgrave: Senior Director, Patient Innovation Center (UK) 

Xoli supports our "patients first" value through her everyday work, she is part of two DEI committees and talkes about development programs and mentorship.

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Ben DavidsonStitt: Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant (United Kingdom)

Ben talks about what challenges him in his role, and how inclusive Parexel are to those who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Carlos Lebret: Associate Manager, Clinical Operations (United Kingdom)

Carlos openly talks about being gay and how and how he feels the company supports him and the LGBTQ+ community within Parexel.

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Mati Kargren: Associate Medical Writer (Taiwan)

Mati shares how inclusive Parexel is to the LGBTQ+ community members and adds advice to everyone interested in applying "Just do it! There is nothing to worry about!"

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Roopa Basrur: Vice President, Medical Writing - Safety  (India)

Roopa offers us an insight into her role and progression within Parexel. Roopa is an Ally of the LGBTQIA+ community and a DEI champion. Roopa uses the pronouns she/her/hers.

Learn more 

Jamie Langley: Regional Director of Parexel Academy (United States)

Jamie offers her perspective on Parexel's inclusivity to LGBTQ+ colleagues, how she feels about being "out" at work, and the steps Parexel is taking to be ever more inclusive.

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David Dent: Executive Director, Business Development (United Kingdom) 

David reflects on his experience working at Parexel, and how being different for whatever reason really matters here. 

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Meet Jeff Barth: Director, Diversity & Inclusion (United States) 

Jeff Barth talks to Zoe Schulz from myGwork about the joys of parenthood and what still needs to be done to normalize LGBTQ+ families. 

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Meet Michel Keemer: Senior Project Analyst (Germany) 

Michel Keemers talks to Zoe Schulz from myGwork about parenthood and why organizations must support their employees no matter their identity. 

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Simon Fleming: Vice President, Data Management (United States) 

Simon shares his personal story of facing the challenges of 'coming out.' Simon acknowledges how supportive colleagues and an inclusive working environment can make a difference.

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Jahanara Rahuldev: Senior Director, Project Leadership (India) 

Jahanara is an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, proudly represents India on the global DEI committee, and has been in Parexel's Women in Leadership Program.

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Parexel stands for all

As a global organization focused on clinical research and world health, Parexel promotes diversity and stands against discrimination of any kind. We are committed to closing the gap to create a more inclusive world and to provide a safe and equitable work environment for our colleagues where everyone is valued, respected and supported.


Awards and Recognition

Parexel recognized on Human Rights Campaign ‘Corporate Equality Index’ 2022

Parexel ranks in the top 20 percent on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2022 Corporate Equality Index for LGBTQ Workforce Equality. This is the third consecutive year we have achieved this recognition, and we are extremely proud to be the highest-ranked CRO in the Index for 2022.

Parexel was named a 2022 Catalyst Award winner by the global nonprofit organization Catalyst

Parexel was recognized for its Leveraging Gender Partnership to Advance Women in Leadership initiative that has evolved the company culture to one where women have the right resources and training to succeed.

  • Member of the 'Disability Confident' Scheme of the UK Government

  • Signed German 'Diversity Charta'

Social Media

We share our commitment to creating an inclusive work environment based on mutual acceptance and respect.


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